Open a Shop

* ZERO fees from Funky Finds for your sales / product uploads
* View your real-time stats at any time
* Product Grab Code to use on your blog and/or website
* Opportunity to upload a 125x125 Banner Ad
* Shop payment is good for 124 days
* Upload up to 3 images per item
* Set specific shipping rates or offer free shipping
* Ability to customize your homepage with info & HTML links
You can open your Shop on any day of the month, because each payment is good for 124 days of advertising / selling space. Shop items remain listed even after a sale. This will keep you from having to enter your most popular items multiple times, allowing you to spend more time on your business and less time behind the computer. If you sell a one-of-a-kind product, simply delete that item & replace with a new one.

All transactions are securely processed via PayPal. You will receive instant payment in your PayPal account. After a sale is completed, you and your customer will receive PayPal transaction details via email.

We do not charge a sales fee for the items that you sell! You are only responsible for your Shop payment and any PayPal fees you incur. Customers will make direct payments to you via PayPal. We do not take any of your credit card info & all transactions are made securely through PayPal.

We provide banners and text links for use on your personal web space that link directly to your Shop Items when clicked upon. Your Shop @ Funky Finds may be featured on the Funky Finds blog and in The Shops Insider.

Shop Owners have the ability to monitor their Shop performance with real-time statistics. Stats include: Total Visitors to Shop, Visitors to Shop Items, Banner Ad Exposures, Banner Ad Clicks, Banner Ad CTR (Click Through Ratio %), Clicks to your Website, Messages Received, and Funky Reviews.

All Shop owners can add at least one coupon / special offer. When entering a coupon / special, you may link to an image or attach a document file. A number of active coupons / specials will be listed each month in The Insider.

Simply 'Pay as You Go' on a triannual basis. No subscriptions. If you pay early, your 124-day cycle will reset and the cost is pro-rated to be lower than full price.

There are a large number of categories to choose from; however, if you'd like one added, simply contact us. The number of categories you can use increases per Shop type.

We encourage you to upload a 125x125 ad image that will rotate on the site & will link directly to your Shop.

With each product that you upload, we provide you with the grab code to advertise them on your blog or website. Each image is linked and will take the visitor to the exact page to purchase the item. The grab code for single product items or for a multiple product table is available.

Refer a friend & receive one FREE month. Plus, the new shop owner receives a free month, too! Simply have your new shop referral enter Funky Reference - Your Shop Name in the "Notes to Seller" at PayPal during sign-up. Both Shops will then receive the free month of shop time. This offer is valid for multiple referrals.